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My collection of short stories, from Tortoise Books, is filled with all sorts of oddballs and odd events. Buy a copy (or ten) on Amazon , Barnes and Noble, or Powell’s now. It is also available to order at your local bookstore. But don’t just believe me. Here’s what some wonderful people have said about Staggerwing:

Praise for Staggerwing:

“‘I needed a goddamn purpose,’ kicks off the crackling debut collection by Alice Kaltman. Her characters, united in their desire for that elusive something, take to the existential (if misguided) hunt with adept and incisive Kaltman leading the way. What they find and what they discover about themselves — be it in a dank basement or a honeymoon suite, the heart of organic Brooklyn or retirement Florida, on a snowy suburban expressway or a swimming hole in the woods — is often hilarious and always full of heart. Kaltman is a pro at holding contemporary culture up to a fun house mirror. The staggering result is Staggerwing: eleven irresistible stories that are equal parts witty, quirky, keenly observed, and absolutely bursting with life.” —Sara Lippmann, author of Doll Palace

The stories in Alice Kaltman’s collection have teeth—each one surprising, thrilling and laugh out loud funny. The unlikely heroes and heroines in Staggerwing are not afraid to bare their pain, longing and outrage, and with an honesty that reminds us how the absurdity of life is at once beautiful and hilarious. Alice Kaltman is a whip-smart and daring writer, and Staggerwing is an outstanding collection.” —Julia Fierro, author of the novels Cutting Teeth and The Gypsy Moth Summer

“Quirky and whip-smart, the eleven stories in Alice Kaltman’s first collection Staggerwing are graced with her exquisite, singular voice. My advice: Read this book.” —Peter Hedges, author of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

“Alice Kaltman’s stories of loneliness, joy, men, women, and relationships are pared down and perfectly observed. With a voice that is as tender as it is precise, Kaltman is the Chekhov of Long Island.” —Emily Schultz, author of The Blondes

“If you like your chocolate spiked with rum and chili pepper, search no further. Staggerwing is the book for you. Beneath the perfect fronts of suburban houses, mommy groups, Honeymoon suites, and bike rides in Vermont, Alice Kaltman’s sharply drawn misfits and discontents are geniuses at bettering life’s odds. Once lassoed by Kaltman’s wit and sense of humor, the pretentious may squirm, but Alice is also a writer never without compassion and generosity in these dazzling portraits of contemporary life.” —Susan Daitch, author of The Lost Civilization Soulucidir

“Alice Kaltman’s Staggerwing is a hilarious, thrilling and moving debut.  These unique stories beg to be read and laughed at out loud. I heartily suggest you dive in with these dazzling characters as they search for their moments of grace.” —Hope Davis, actress and host of Selected Shorts